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Take Charge of Your Healing

Gain empowerment through holistic education and easily implementable action steps to spearhead your healing journey and take back your life!


Identify what is causing your symptoms


Identify the solutions your body needs


Follow your customized protocol to vibrant health!

What You'll Learn

Confusion STOPS Here

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  • Do you have mysterious symptoms no one can seem to figure out?

  • Have you been dismissed by doctors or written off by the medical system?

  • Are you frustrated that you're not getting answers about your symptoms?

  • Are you exhausted or feeling burnt out from trying to heal?

  • Are your symptoms putting your life on hold?

  • Have you spent years investing money into your health with little return?

  • Are you confused about where to go next and need direction in your healing journey?

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Healing STARTS Here

  • Get ready to get crystal clear clarity on your health issues!

  • Feel EMPOWERED with information and your newfound ability to help yourself at a deeper level

  • Gain invaluable knowledge on how to help the body heal chronic illness, acute illnesses, and all symptoms in between

  • Learn muscle testing and be able to get answers to your symptoms in real-time

  • Find out which health investments are worth it, and which aren't worth your money

  • Become a resource for yourself, your children, and your family

  • Break free of the cycle of sickness you've been stuck in and make real and lasting progress in your healing!


Whether you're brand new to holistic healing or a seasoned professional

we have a course for you!

Revealing Healing

Foundations of Health

& Muscle Testing Basics

Advanced Course

You're a self-starter, tenacious and determined to get to the root of your health issues. You will stop at nothing to heal, you're a dog with a bone and you're a trailblazer for those around you. Whether you are an individual on a journey, a mom on a mission to heal their child, or aspire to be a practitioner and change the lives of others, this is the course for you!

Beginner Course

You're tired and ready to get off the hamster wheel of allopathic medicine. Maybe you've done a couple of holistic protocols but you want to dip a toe before you dive deep. You're ready to build a firm foundation before moving onto advanced healing concepts and are looking for a course that won't overwhelm your busy schedule. We've got you!

Student Testimonials

"I just wanted to say I was on the fence about ordering your class because I have taken several muscle testing and drainage classes and still feel stuck. This was a game-changer. The tools and lists and tips you share literally changed it all for me! My poles were switched and I had no idea so I've been taking meds I don't want and not taking things I need. Wow!!!!! Best money spent yet!!!"

- Jessi



Identify what is causing your symptoms



Identify the solutions your body needs


Follow your customized protocol to vibrant health!

Learn how chronic illnesses happen, what the 5 core root causes of illness are, and how to muscle test through these root causes to identify the true causes of your symptoms.

Using muscle testing and your foundational knowledge, you can test your body for what supplements are truly needed to advance your healing.

Confidently create your own bio-individual comprehensive healing protocol by combining extensive root-cause knowledge and muscle testing.

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