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My passion as an integrative health practitioner is to help others find vibrant health. I will guide you through your healing journey as we identify root causes and peel back the layers of toxicity. I use supportive tools like symptom-based muscle testing and functional blood chemistry to help identify your health triggers and individualized solutions. Once you address your root causes, your body will amaze you at how seamlessly it rebalances itself.

Let’s rebalance together!


Root Cause Health

What does it mean to look at health from a root cause perspective? As a root cause practitioner, I don't just look at addressing your symptoms, my primary focus is removing the true causes of your symptoms to eliminate them completely. This means looking beyond hormone dysfunction and addressing what is causing the hormone dysfunction. Likewise, this means digging deeper than SIBO and uncovering what is causing that bacterial imbalance to proliferate. I know what it's like to turn up empty-handed from the traditional medical system, that's why I am passionate about uncovering the true causes of your discomfort to help you live as your happiest & healthiest self!

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


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Laura Perry, IHP, INHC
Owner, Lead Practitioner

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Anne Sobieralski, MBSR-P, BCHHP
Senior Practitioner

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Brianna Bird, INHC
Client Support Administrator

Shop Organo With Laura

The healing power of the reishi mushroom has endless positive effects on the body. Reishi is immune-modulating, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anti-inflammatory; the list goes on with over 3,000 published studies. I regularly consume healing doses of reishi and have personally experienced the life-changing benefits.

When I was searching for high-quality reishi, it was imperative to me to find impeccable quality reishi grown with integrity, that is harvested carefully and intentionally so the nutrients & healing power of the mushroom weren't depreciated before getting inside my body. Organo accomplishes all these things with its products which is why I personally consume them daily and share them with you. I would never vouch for a company that did not deliver me and my clients spectacular results, and after consuming these products daily for over a year I can confidently say they live up to the hype.

Are you sensitive to caffeine? Does even a cup of decaf send your body into a cortisol tailspin? That was me before finding these products and now I enjoy delicious cups of King coffee with healing doses of Reishi spores to modulate my body's response to the caffeine. Have questions? Reach out in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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