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About Laura

Owner & Practice Leader, IHP | IAHC

I was chronically ill nearly all of my life, and I've experienced firsthand the disappointing hamster wheel of trying to get better. After trying countless healing approaches through western medicine that were getting me nowhere, I quit my corporate job in 2020 to finally pursue lasting God-given healing and step into my calling as an Integrative Health Practitioner. I've spent the last 2.5 years helping hundreds of clients uncover the hidden causes of modern-day chronic illness and building my team of incredible practitioners who are passionate about helping you heal. 


Worldwide Virtual Consults

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Healing From the Comfort of Your Home

My team and I serve clients around the world and offer flexible scheduling options to fit your time zone.

We utilize my proprietary method of Measurable Muscle Testing to uncover and resolve the commonly missed root causes of your symptoms. While in session, your practitioner will muscle test you for the best solutions for your symptoms to create your personalized protocol of supplements and lifestyle recommendations. Sit back and watch us do the work!


Are you Ready to  Take Charge & Heal Yourself?


Are you tired of waiting for someone else to heal you? Are you ready to master holistic health concepts and step into your healing power? Are you eager for your breakthrough?

My proprietary courses include exclusive access to the extensive healing knowledge I've gleaned over the years and how I address chronic illness in my practice.

Root Cause Health

What does it mean to look at health from a root cause perspective? As a team of root cause practitioners, we don't just look at addressing your symptoms, our primary focus is removing the true causes of your symptoms to eliminate them completely. This means looking beyond hormone dysfunction and addressing what is causing the hormone dysfunction. Likewise, this means digging deeper than SIBO and uncovering what is causing that bacterial imbalance to proliferate. I know what it's like to turn up empty-handed from the traditional medical system, that's why I am passionate about uncovering the true causes of your discomfort to help you live as your happiest & healthiest self!

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


Meet the Team


Laura Perry, IHP, IAHC
Owner, Lead Practitioner

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Tonja Welsh, MBSR-P, IHP
Associate Practitioner


LC Closner, MBSR-P, IHP
Associate Practitioner


Brianna Bird, INHC
Director of Operations


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With Laura

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Learn about how these products changed my life and transformed my healing journey! 


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