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Foundations of Health

& Muscle Testing Basics

Your foundational holistic health course to advance your healing journey.


About This Course

     Foundations of Health & Muscle Testing Basics is an introductory course that focuses on the necessary foundations of healing from chronic illness. These are the concepts that are essential to start your healing journey. Additionally, these are the concepts that often need to be revisited or strengthened any time we feel we are plateauing with healing. Looking for a jumpstart after failing to find healing elsewhere? Start here!


"My mission is to help heal, educate and empower as many people as possible in my lifetime." - Laura

Owner of LJP, Lead Practitioner, Creator of Revealing Healing

Laura Perry IHP, INHC

Is This You?

Do you feel confused about where to start with your healing journey?

Do you keep getting stuck or plateauing? 

Do you desire to help yourself but don't know how?

Have you tried it all and need a new approach?


Foundations of Health & Muscle Testing includes all of the actionable concepts you need to get over your plateaus and start making lasting progress in your healing!

  • 3 Foundational Modules

    • Foundations of Health and Drainage

    • Identifying Drainage Problems and Solutions

    • Muscle Testing 101

  • 3 Pre-Recorded Video Teachings (1 per module)

  • 2+ hours of recorded teaching content plus 27 written lessons 

  • These three modules will teach you how we become chronically ill, why the body resists detox, how to identify blockages in drainage, Traditional Chinese Medicine overview, functional bloodwork ranges, my go-to list of drainage supplements, two methods of muscle testing, how to muscle test your body for supplements and drainage support, and much more!

  • Muscle Testing 101 includes teaching you the sway method and essential pendulum techniques

  • FREE Muscle Testing Necklace

Who is this for?

This is for you if you are ready to get off the hamster wheel of allopathic medicine, discover what's been holding you back from healing and finally resolve those unwanted symptoms!

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What Students are SAYING

I just wanted to say I was on the fence about ordering your class because I have taken several muscle testing and drainage classes and still feel stuck. This was a game changer. The tools and lists and tips you share literally changed it all for me! My poles were switched and I had no idea so I've been taking meds I don't want and not taking things I need. Wow!!!!! Best money spent yet!!!

- Jessi

Get Ready To...

Feel excited about your healing!

Figure out WHY going back to basics is essential to healing!

Open your drainage pathways and feel GOOD!

Take charge of your healing!


Break free of the cycle of sickness and find deep purpose in your healing!

Course Curriculum


3 Foundational Modules

  1. Foundations of Health and Drainage

    • You will learn about how we get chronically ill, meridians, why our bodies resist detox, how to clear resistance and improve drainage, the toxin bucket drainage system, signs of dysfunction,1 recorded teaching & more!

  2. Identifying Drainage Problems and Solutions

    • Module 2 includes how to identify blockages in drainage, what your symptoms mean, TCM overview, functional bloodwork ranges, drainage, 1 recorded teaching & more!​

  3. Muscle Testing 101

    • Learn all about muscle testing! What muscle testing is, the different types of muscle testing, being switched, protecting your energy, how to ask questions, using muscle testing to identify blocks in drainage and test yourself for supplements, how to use your muscle testing necklace, 1 recorded teaching & more!​

Students have lifetime access to any courses they purchase and are automatically grandfathered into any course updates I make in the future. Learn as I learn and get continuing education for a one-time investment!

Say Goodbye to...

Feeling helpless

Feeling overwhelmed

Not being able to tolerate detox

Not knowing where to start

Instead You'll...

Learn how to build a foundation of good health

Uncovered the blocks to detox & healing

Make tangible progress

Feel empowered

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