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Client Testimonials

“Since my initial assessment in early December my health and quality of life has improved greatly to where I was previous to starting my protocol. Knowing I'm on the right path, seeing all the parasites leaving my body, has been a huge emotional release for me over the past few months. Laura has given me hope, which I haven't felt for years being so chronically sick with no idea how or what was wrong with me. Laura has also been very accessible when I have a question. She is giving me back my life and looking forward to a healthy future! I feel extremely grateful to have her on my journey back to good health."


“Laura has truly changed my whole life! I have suffered from a constant, very intense headache for four years following a concussion that no doctor I went to could seem to figure out. You name it, I probably tried it in terms of treatment before coming to Laura. Even at my very first appointment, Laura gave me hope for healing because she was actually able to identify my root health problems - my headaches were from Lyme Co-Infections. I left that appointment knowing I was about to get better instead of wondering if that day would ever come. After only 6 weeks of treatment with Laura the intensity and frequency of my headaches has improved dramatically (along with many other things)! I didn't even know I could feel this good anymore and Laura tells me I will keep feeling better. My life has been given back to me and I am no longer just trying to make it through the day. I think I will be talking about Laura Perry until the day I die because I have no idea where I would be without her. "


“This was definitely something new for me and I was looking for a different way to address healing physically and emotionally. It was a process on the road to healing, there were days and even weeks where I didn’t feel so great but I knew my body was detoxing. The biggest change I noticed was that I am no longer constantly in fight or flight, I finally feel relaxed and no longer have this tense feeling throughout my body. My sleep has tremendously improved, it no longer takes me an hour to fall asleep and most nights I sleep through the night without waking up. Which is a huge win for me! I also have a lot more energy during the day and don’t crash in the afternoon! That constant feeling of fatigue has pretty much diminished. "


“Soo, wanted to give you an update! I have been Adderall-free for eight days and drinking the KING Coffee along with the supplements and I am feeling GREAT. I have no issues with energy at all. Thank you so much for getting me to this place. "


I was referred to Laura after stagnant progress in my healing journey despite working with a functional doctor. Knowing I had precursors for Lupus,  Rheumatoid Arthritis and Toxic Mold Exposure, she not only confirmed these but identified additional root causes that had not been diagnosed by medical doctors.


Laura was able to tell me which problem energies in my body were my Root Causes and which were a byproduct of those Root Causes. This helped me understand how we were going to approach my healing. By focusing on the core Root Causes, all my other symptoms related to the non-root cause problems started to heal. Still now in  the middle of my healing, I can say that my symptoms have already greatly improved. I was predominately couch ridden and now I can do house chores and go for walks. I am not depressed, my anxiety is a 4 from about a 15.

Laura recognized that my body was in desperate need of support by addressing key deficiencies and lifestyle adjustments before we began any cleansing or parasite killing protocol. This approach built my severely depleted body back up to a strength that could handle the eradications and effectively fight off pathogens, viruses, remove heavy metals and chemical toxins. I am at the point where I am passing parasites daily and am still able to function because my body was properly supported first and my drainage pathways are open. Laura cares deeply about me and what I am going through. She offers an incredible amount of compassion and support as I navigate the often unknown and scary waters of healing.


Working with Laura has been a game-changer in my healing journey from Lyme and parasites. I’m finally getting my life back! Laura is so intuitive and can pick up on exactly what is going on in the body. Her energy testing has always been spot on, and she designs specific protocols catered to my exact needs. I finally feel like I’m working with a practitioner who is treating me like an individual person, not a general Lyme case. I also love how Laura is available to chat in between sessions on her client portal, and she’s been there for me during some of my darkest days. My toxin levels have dropped significantly since working with Laura, and I know I’m close to remission. My energy is back, I feel lighter and happier, and am so excited about my healthy future ahead. I highly recommend working with Laura, because you’ll find the root cause to your chronic illness, and she’ll show you that healing is possible!


I cannot say enough positive things about Laura and her team. I started seeing Laura for my son after we learned we were living in mold over a year ago. I quickly learned she was not only the right practitioner for my son. She was the right fit for me also. Laura has helped me get through the darkest days of my healing journey. She is a compassionate problem solver and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to root cause wellness. Because of her guidance, I am healing and have healed from mold, dental infections, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and trauma. This healing work is not easy and takes time. Laura has been there for me every step of the way and I have made tremendous progress as her client. I also recently completed her Revealing Healing course. Having this knowledge is a game changer for my family and our health. I highly recommend taking this course and working with Laura and her team.


I found Laura when I was at the lowest point in my health journey and I am so glad that I took the leap and hired her as my practitioner when I did. Laura is absolutely brilliant - she has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you heal and reach your health goals. With the help of Laura and her incredible team, I have gone from being in constant pain and unable to function to feeling better and having more energy than I ever thought possible. Hiring her was hands down the BEST decision I could have ever made and I am grateful everyday for the opportunity I had to work with her. 

-Chelsea D.

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