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Laura Perry

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Tonja Welsh

Associate Practitioner

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Associate Practitioner

LC Closner

  • Root Cause

  • MBSR

  • Detox Clearings


Virtual Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a way to get biofeedback from the body. Our bodies have an energetic field that houses the information contained in our subconscious minds about what is causing us to be ill. This information can include trauma, physical toxins, and pathogens. With muscle testing, we are able to get very specific about what is causing symptoms by asking nitty-gritty questions that the body knows the answer to.

In session, your practitioner will muscle test your symptoms along with your body's foundations (such as organs and meridians) to get a read on what's going on in your body. We utilize pendulums to connect to the energy of the body and yes - this can be done virtually as energy does not know time or space! (We know this because of the quantum physics theory of quantum entanglement). We ask yes or no questions and observe the movement of the pendulum which indicates the answer to our questions. Some of our practitioners also utilize the finger method or the sway method, which are all types of muscle testing that produce the same end result.


New Client Session:
Adults & Children

The initial New Client Session is the first appointment you will have with your practitioner. We will review lab chemistry (if you have it, not necessary though if you do not), symptoms, and health history. I will then use the LJP proprietary Measurable Muscle Testing Method (MMTM) to see what your body attracts to energetically for problems and solutions, from which we will build a supportive protocol. If you have other things you'd like to be muscle tested for during your session, please feel free to have those prepared in advance.


Booking your New Client Consultation initiates continuous support from your practitioner via the chat function in the Practice Better Client Portal. Focusing on an individualized and approachable method to your care through each protocol allows for accelerated progress, emotional support, questions answered, online community group support with fellow clients and plenty of opportunities to learn why and what is happening in your body as it moves through each phase of detox; peeling back the layers of toxicity to discover re-balanced and thriving health.

Follow-Up Session: Adults & Children

The body changes and adjusts through healing and the follow-up sessions allow us to check-in to keep your body on track with what it’s asking for and measure progress made. Follow-Up Sessions include a Wellness Inquiry Form that allows you to track progress session-to-session and discuss any updated lab work (if applicable), symptom improvements, and desired discussion points. Your practitioner will use muscle testing to test your body and identify what it is looking to address as a priority based on your progress and build an updated protocol that will be provided for continued healing.

Booking a Follow-up Session also includes continuous chat support from your practitioner (via the Practice Better Portal). Follow-up Sessions are typically an average of 4 to 8 weeks apart.

Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR)™ Clearing

Organs, tissues, and cells store and remember what an individual goes through in life and it often can hinder the body's innate and powerful ability to heal. Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR) Clearings are a powerful supplemental tool to anyone's healing journeyMBSR™ is designed to help remove cellular imprints in the body as a result of negative experiences and trauma we endure through life. When we experience life changes or navigate challenging experiences, our bodies remember them and store them on a subconscious level.


Your practitioner will use muscle testing to identify whether or not your body is attracting to certain blocks. These can include trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, and paradigms that were passed on generationally. Once these blocks are identified in the body, they will be cleared remotely via a cold laser to stimulate certain acupuncture points, meridians, and reflex points which remove the body's stress reaction to the blocks. At this time, these blocks will be replaced with positive beliefs and your practitioner will suggest positive lifestyle habits (journaling, affirmations, etc.) to help reinforce and restore a healthy flow in the mind and body.


Laura also offers an extensive holistic healing education program, Revealing Healing. Revealing Healing is a 12-week program that provides you with all the tools and information needed to heal yourself, your family members, and/or your clients. This course includes extensive root cause knowledge of what causes dis-ease and dysfunction in the body, as well as teaching you how to virtually muscle test the body for root causes & solutions. This is for you if you are a practitioner, health coach, self-healer, parent, provider, or someone passionate about health and healing. This is for you if you are ready to integrate root cause education and the power of muscle testing into your healing journey or your practice. Click the button below to learn all the details!

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