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Your Questions, Answered

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

Prior to your first treatment, you may collect any previous labs you have to send and upload through your Client Profile that will be created upon booking an appointment via Practice Better. Document your symptoms and if it helps, rank them. These are all optional actions, my goal is to help you feel prepared and collect your thoughts on what you want to convey about the state of your health and health history so we can connect about what you have been going through. I am here to listen; any questions you may have feel free to prepare those as well. Ultimately, I am so glad you are here, can't wait to meet you and support you through your healing.

What should I expect from my first session?

We will want to hear about how you are feeling, what you have been going through and what you hope for your health. Share your goals with us too. All too often clients have not felt heard, listened to or even believed. From experience, this alone jumpstarts your ability to heal.

We use Laura's  designed technique, a Measurable Muscle Testing Method (MMTM) to identify your problem energies. Every-thing has a specific energetic resonance or frequency; similar to a radio. Using the intelligence of your Autonomic Nervous System, I am able to connect to your Morphogenic Field (M-field) (much like sound waves connect through walkie talkies) and use viles charged with various root cause energies to match to your M-field. This will help us identify a blueprint for what your body is compromised by. If you have previous labs (or would like to conduct some through us prior to our appointment) those will have been submitted and reviewed prior to our session to support findings.

If we feel lab testing is needed to support your progression we will identify that with you during our time together.

Just like we identify root cause energies we are also able to identify solutions for those energies in the way of supplementation, detox support and any other lifestyle habits that will help your body fight off various toxicities and restore deficiencies. This is the beauty of energy testing: we are able to ask your body against a superstore of high-quality supplements what it will benefit most from and in addition, specific dosing for your current need. As we conduct follow-up sessions and you progress in levels to optimal health the needs for your body will change to which we will also identify.

What should I expect between protocols?

When your body begins to work hard to detox, there is what is termed as a herxheimer (detox) reaction. When you eradicate heavy metals, parasites, mold, pathogens, environmental toxins, radiation, glyphosate, etc. from your system they become available to release. These are processed through your drainage pathways (which we will be working to open up if they aren't already) via bowel movements, sweating, detox organs (such as kidneys and liver) and your lymphatic system. The better these systems are functioning the better you body is able to handle this reaction. Some herxheimer reaction symptoms can include nausea, fatigue, headaches and even some "retracing" of symptoms that you have experienced through your chronic illness. This information is not to scare you, this is to prepare you and thankfully there are a host of detox support modalities that will significantly help your body eliminate these toxins. These will be discussed in our one-on-one session and guides are available to our current clients.

Not all detox modalities are made made equal. We will provide you with detox modalities your body is attracting to based on your progress and which ones your body is ready for. If you are working with us, please consult us before attempting a detox modality on your own.

Managing Expectations

Healing your body is not modeled after the allopathic approach of treating specific symptoms/organs/diagnoses with a Rx that is geared to provide immediate relief. While over time we expect to see a lift in your symptoms and ultimately a complete remission of your symptoms, often the path to get there requires you to prepare for the ups and downs of detox. This is not meant to be a deterrent, it is aimed at helping you prepare so the journey does not at any point seem like a step back in healing or a failure on your part. It is a sign that your body is healing and we are headed in the right direction. Laura and her team will be here to walk you through it all. Our approach is about removing the Band-Aid that is keeping you from true healing and vital function. Often this is a multi-faceted approach and that is part of what our focus of care provides you with.

What Should I Expect TO Spend On Supplements?

Clients should expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $300 per month on supplements. These will be catered to specifically what your body is energetically asking for. 

We might want to work up slowly to the dosages your body is asking for to give you time to adjust and minimize detox reactions. The most expensive supplement is one that does not get absorbed by your body so we often work on drainage and organ support first for this reason. The supplement brands we recommend to clients have been vetted for quality, sourcing and integrity.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that daily lives and schedules can get hectic! We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for New Client Sessions and for Current Clients we do not charge for a first-time no-show (will offer a reschedule upon the first no-show). If a second no-show occurs we charge the client for the full session amount. 

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