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Revealing Healing:
Muscle Testing Education

Awaken Your Power to Heal

Why this program?

I have been sick with some form of chronic illness from the time I was born. What does this mean for you? It means I've spent 35 years collecting information on how the body works and what is making me sick. When I finally realized what my calling was I took that information and hit the ground running and have gleaned an incredible amount of insight through running my practice. Through a healthy dose of humility and muscle testing I've been able to find many missing pieces to the healing puzzle.


Do you want to learn what I've learned from years of illness and working with hundreds of clients like you? Then this is the program for you!


A hands on approach will help you understand how the body detoxifies, what root causes are, and how to detect them through muscle testing.  You will spend 12 weeks learning and putting into practice my proprietary method of muscle testing. 


Laura Perry IHP, INHC

Owner of LJP, Lead Practitioner
Creator of Revealing Healing

Remote Learning
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What's Included?

  • Weekly educational content (12 modules)

  • Weekly live educational coaching call with Q&A (12 calls)

  • Exclusive Muscle Testing Education - only available through this program!

This Program's Educational Content will Cover

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Who is this for?

Who is this for?

Someone who is...

  • self-starter that is eager to learn how to help themselves

  • independent thinker

  • ready to take their healing to the next level

  • feeling lost or overwhelmed with healing information

  • unsure of how to get started

  • not getting the results they should be on current protocol

  • passionate about healing & education

Whether you are taking the first step on your healing journey or have been walking this path for years, come one come all we are so excited for you to learn & catalyze your healing!

What's the Value?

Retail Value
  • Weekly educational content (12 modules)

  • Weekly live educational coaching call (12 calls)

  • Muscle testing education - only available through this program!




Total Retail Value: $3,900
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Your Price

All this...

  • 12 modules of weekly educational content

  • 12 weekly live educational coaching call 

  • Exclusive Muscle Testing education

  • Messaging access with laura

PLUS an empowering community of like-minded souls and the priceless experience of personal healing & transformation.

Your Price: $3,900


more than 50% off retail value!

*There are a limited number of spots available to ensure the integrity of the program. We will be offering these spots on a first come first serve basis.

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When Does the Program Start?

Revealing Healing starts on Monday, February 14th and runs through Friday, May 6th.

I'm passionate about healing & I'm ready to deepen my knowledge!

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