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The Energetics of Drainage

Did you know that you have energetic highways that run up and down your body? These energetic highways are formally known as Meridians in Chinese Medicine. When the energy that flows through them becomes blocked, your health suffers.

Meridians both carry and supply your organs with their vital life force. The energetic flow of these meridians is impacted by pathogens, toxins, and even non-physical things such as emotions, traumatic events, and limiting beliefs. When these meridians are blocked, your life force decreases, hence feeling tired and feeling stuck in your healing.

So many women are walking around with loads of trauma in the body that is impacting these meridians which prevents drainage organs from functioning optimally. I came to understand the importance of this when I had multiple clients who had cavitation surgery and were having MAJOR difficulties recovering. Each time I muscle-tested them to see what was coming up and each person had trauma as their primary issue. I had a client who was on the couch for weeks post-surgery, unable to function, and was not progressing through her detox. Once I released some emotions they were up and functioning 70% better within ONE day. I honestly couldn't believe it! I truly revere the impact of trauma on the body just as much as the physical effects of pathogens and toxins. In my opinion, we should steward them the same.

Discovering where there was resistance in these meridians due to pathogens/toxins/emotional blocks was groundbreaking for the way I used muscle testing to find problems in the body.

There is more than one way to release yourself from the things that are trapped in your meridians. Through the active work of renewing your mind and your belief system, you can release trauma from the body. If you're struggling to do the conscious work to renew your mind you can utilize modalities like MBSR to release these blockages on a subconscious level. If this is not something you have explored I highly suggest it! Lastly, I would like to remind you that wherever you are in your healing - you are doing an incredible job.💖 Take a minute to observe how far you've come and congratulate yourself. The future ahead is full of hope as you move through your journey! ⭐

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