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Muscle Testing Necklaces

These handmade muscle testing necklaces are the perfect option for anyone who is familiar with muscle testing or is eager to learn! These necklaces have great accuracy and change directions smoothly, making them a great option for beginners or those wanting to hone in on their accuracy.


This is one tool I use every day, that helps me get to the root of ANY health issue. Muscle testing is truly limitless and I am so excited to share this tool with you!



  • Stainless steel & tarnish-free

  • 25" chain

  • Naturally grown crystals

  • Handmade with love


As these necklaces are made with real crystals, variations occur naturally and what you receive may differ slightly from the photo. You will be prompted to choose your crystal type after you click Add to Cart below. To learn more about muscle testing through Laura's course, click here

$50 (+ shipping)

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