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LJP Mold Course

When I started on my health journey, I had no idea exposure to toxic mold in my own home was going to become a sobering reality and instrumental piece pf my complete healing. After matching my lingering symptoms and those of my kids and husband to symptoms of mycotoxin exposure I went through the discovery, diagnosis and am now in the middle of the remediation phase while my family seeks refuge in a rental condo. Our home is cleared and will be rebuilt to eradicate the toxic mold that invaded our HVAC system. I wholeheartedly believe God puts me through these experiences to help my clients as an integrative health practitioner. Toxic mold growing in homes (and therefore airborne mycotoxins) is more prevalent that I would like to admit and continue to discover this truth with my clients. This course is aimed at providing immediate support and a mold-free roadmap that helps families that find themselves staring at (often invisible) mold in their homes.

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